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I'm SO excited to share the cover of my new book with you. Check out these awesome STEM girls in The Ant Farm Escape!.

As you can see, these ants are super tough and determined, ready to getting diggin' and build, and ready to roll with their hard hats on and tools in hand.

To add this fun book to your reading list, head on over to Goodreads!

Thanks for sharing this exciting moment with me and thanks, as always, for your support!


Heather Macht

PS: Make sure to STAY TUNED for the official book trailer, and chances to win FREE signed copies, coming soon!

I'm SO excited to announce my newest title!

What's fluffy and green, has a sparkly-white horn on his forehead, a long-curly tail, and occasionally breathes fire? Why, a We-Don't-Know, of course!

My book, Rex the...We-Don't-Know is a title so very near and dear to my heart. I can't begin to say how ecstatic I am that it's soon making its way to a shelf near you!

The full synopsis and Publishers Weekly announcement can be found below.

Thanks, as always, for your support!


Heather Macht

Rex the...We-Don't-Know

When Max and his family went to the pound to adopt a new animal, they certainly didn’t expect to find Rex, a…well...we don’t know exactly what Rex is. With fluffy-green fur, a long-curly tail, and a sparkly-white horn on his forehead, they fell in love with him instantly and decided to give him a chance. After all, how hard can it be to take care of a… We-Don’t-Know?

Updated: Apr 21, 2018

December 1, 2017

Happy December, Everyone!

I have some fun book news for you that I’m just dying to share.

First, what's a super tough, crazy strong, and very successful matriarchal species that has been around for MILLIONS of years? Why, it’s ants - of course! And, my newest book that’ll soon be marching its way to a shelf near you just so happens to be about these wonderful creatures!

Please make way for: The Ant Farm Escape!

Look out – these ants are breaking ground! Newly relocated to an ant farm, the foreman gets to work and immediately starts organizing her construction crew of worker ants. They have hard hats on and tools in hand. They’re ready to build and, a fun known fact about worker ants: They’re ALL GIRLS!

Follow along as this tough group of ants dig tunnels, clear debris, build their nest, then head to the great outdoors. The fun rhyming text, and STEM facts included, makes this a perfect read for little ones.

I just wanted to thank everyone for their support and thank Pelican Publishing for working with me on this amazing book.

Also, stay tuned for another book announcement: my first official book project with my lovely agent, Adria Goetz, coming soon!

Thanks for your support and Happy Holidays to all!


Heather Macht

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