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The Woodlot Monster Mysteries

About the Series

Finley and Eva live in the most boring neighborhood on the planet, where nothing remotely exciting ever happens. That is until… they find out Chupacabras ate their neighbor’s chickens, they stumble upon a not-so-abominable Yeti who turns everything to ice, they discover a baby Alicorn with a bad case of sniffles, they bump into a surprisingly nice Swamp Family swimming in a lake, they find a village of frantic Sprites with very specific demands, and meet their Glowing-Green Doppelgangers from outer space…all in the woods right behind their home! What kind of woods are these?


One thing’s for sure, in this six-book early chapter book series, Finley and Eva soon find adventure around every corner.  

Introducing some less-common monsters, and promoting girl power, friendship, detective work, and teamwork, The Woodlot Monster Mysteries is perfect for budding readers! 

Peculiar Pawprints
Frozen Vegetables
Sniffles and the Apples
Stolen Backpack
Batty Birds
Shooting Star
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Now Available!

Rex the...We-Don't-Know

Rex Award.jpg

About the Book

When Max and his family went to the pound to adopt a new animal, they certainly didn’t expect to find Rex, a…well...we don't know exactly what Rex is. With fluffy-green fur, a long-curly tail, and a sparkly-white horn on his forehead, they fell in love with him instantly and decided to give him a chance. After all, how hard can it be to take care of a…We-Don’t-Know?

Reader's Favorite 5 Star Review!

Rex is very unusual and has a horn like a unicorn. You will never believe where he likes to sleep. I can tell you that he does not sleep in a doggie bed. What do you do with a strange creature like Rex? Do you take him back to the pound and say that you made a mistake taking him? Join Max, Raven, Mom, and Dad as they learn that love accepts and overcomes weird behavior. This is a fun and entertaining read. —Philip Van Heusen


"A tea-drinking we-don't-know is about to steal your heart! Rex the . . . We-Don't-Know is a traditional tale of a family pet as well as a story of welcoming differences. A fun, and important, book on acceptance." —Shutta Crum, author of Thunder-Boomer! 

Now Available!

The Ant Farm Escape!

Ant Cover JPG.jpg

About the Book

Look out - these ants are breaking ground! Newly relocated to an ant farm, the foreman gets to work and immediately starts organizing her construction crew of worker ants. They have hard hats on and tools in hand. They’re ready to build and, a fun known fact about worker ants, they’re all GIRLS!

Follow along as this tough group of ants dig tunnels, clear debris, build their nest, and head outdoors. Fun rhyming text, and STEM facts included!

Foreword Reviews

The spotlight is on the ladies as a colony of female worker ants rallies together to escape the confines of a young girl’s newly constructed ant farm. Clad in bubblegum-pink hard hats, boots, and ponytails, the industrious ants use teamwork and a variety of power tools, picks, and jackhammers to get the job done. Through this fun and funny mix of a rhyming adventure and natural science facts, children will learn all about ant habitats and habits.



“Filled with fantastic fun facts and interesting science tidbits, Macht does a masterful job of weaving STEM into her whimsical picture book. A great addition to any young reader’s classroom.” —Jennifer Swanson, award-winning author of Brain Games

Now Available!

You May Just Be a Dinosaur


About the Book

How do you know if you're a dinosaur? Well, if you're bigger than a school bus, can eat everything in the fridge in one bite, and have dozens of razor-sharp teeth, it's possible you may just be a dinosaur!

This playful look at these ancient animals contains fun facts about sail-backed "Spinosaurus, " horned "Triceratops, " spiky "Stegosaurus, " and more. Tiny "T. rex" everywhere will enjoy the earth-quaking, tooth-chomping antics of these unique beasts. Delightful illustrations show just how much trouble dinosaurs would get into trying to ride a school bus, play on the playground, and brush their teeth!

From School Library Journal

A serviceable option that will appeal to dino-crazy readers. — Laura Stanfield, Campbell County Public Library, Fort Thomas


“A wonderful, fanciful look at dinosaurs. Sure to excite youthful readers.” —PaleoJoe, author, paleontologist, real dinosaur digger

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