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You May Just Be a Dinosaur!
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About the Book: How do you know if you're a dinosaur? Well, if you're bigger than a school bus, can eat everything in the fridge in one bite, and have dozens of razor-sharp teeth, it's possible you may just be a dinosaur! 


This playful look at these ancient animals contains fun facts about sail-backed "Spinosaurus, " horned "Triceratops, " spiky "Stegosaurus, " and more. Tiny "T. rex" everywhere will enjoy the earth-quaking, tooth-chomping antics of these unique beasts. Delightful illustrations show just how much trouble dinosaurs would get into trying to ride a school bus, play on the playground, and brush their teeth!


School Library Journal!

A serviceable option that will appeal to dino-crazy readers. — Laura Stanfield, Campbell County Public Library, Fort Thomas


“A wonderful, fanciful look at dinosaurs. Sure to excite youthful readers.” —PaleoJoe, author, paleontologist, real dinosaur digger

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