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Rex the...We-Don't-Know
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About the Book: When Max and his family went to the pound to adopt a new animal, they certainly didn’t expect to find Rex, a…well...we don't know exactly what Rex is. With fluffy-green fur, a long-curly tail, and a sparkly-white horn on his forehead, they fell in love with him instantly and decided to give him a chance. After all, how hard can it be to take care of a…We-Don’t-Know?


Reader's Favorite 5 Star Review!

Rex is very unusual and has a horn like a unicorn. You will never believe where he likes to sleep. I can tell you that he does not sleep in a doggie bed. What do you do with a strange creature like Rex? Do you take him back to the pound and say that you made a mistake taking him? Join Max, Raven, Mom, and Dad as they learn that love accepts and overcomes weird behavior. This is a fun and entertaining read. —Philip Van Heusen


"A tea-drinking we-don't-know is about to steal your heart! Rex the . . . We-Don't-Know is a traditional tale of a family pet as well as a story of welcoming differences. A fun, and important, book on acceptance." —Shutta Crum, author of Thunder-Boomer! 

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