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The Ant Farm Escape!
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About the Book: Look out - these ants are breaking ground! Newly relocated to an ant farm, the foreman gets to work and immediately starts organizing her construction crew of worker ants. They have hard hats on and tools in hand. They’re ready to build and, a fun known fact about worker ants, they’re all GIRLS!


Follow along as this tough group of ants dig tunnels, clear debris, build their nest, and head outdoors. Fun rhyming text, and STEM facts included!


Foreword Reviews!

The spotlight is on the ladies as a colony of female worker ants rallies together to escape the confines of a young girl’s newly constructed ant farm. Clad in bubblegum-pink hard hats, boots, and ponytails, the industrious ants use teamwork and a variety of power tools, picks, and jackhammers to get the job done. Through this fun and funny mix of a rhyming adventure and natural science facts, children will learn all about ant habitats and habits.



“Filled with fantastic fun facts and interesting science tidbits, Macht does a masterful job of weaving STEM into her whimsical picture book. A great addition to any young reader’s classroom.” —Jennifer Swanson, award-winning author of Brain Games

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