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The Woodlot Monster Mysteries
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About the series: Finley and Eva live in the most boring neighborhood on the planet, where nothing remotely exciting ever happens. That is until… they find out Chupacabras ate their neighbor’s chickens, they stumble upon a not-so-abominable Yeti who turns everything to ice, they discover a baby Alicorn with a bad case of sniffles, they bump into a surprisingly nice Swamp Family swimming in a lake, they find a village of frantic Sprites with very specific demands, and meet their Glowing-Green Doppelgangers from outer space…all in the woods right behind their home! What kind of woods are these?


One thing’s for sure, in this six-book early chapter book series, aligned to Common Core Standards and correlated to state standards, Finley and Eva soon find adventure around every corner.  

Introducing some less-common monsters, and promoting girl power, friendship, detective work, and teamwork, The Woodlot Monster Mysteries is perfect for budding readers!  

To purchase The Woodlot Monster Mysteries, connect with ABDO, here!

Titles in this Series!

Book 1: The Peculiar Pawprints: When Mr. Clark discovers that something has drained the blood from his chickens, Finley and Eva decide to investigate! They follow a trail of peculiar pawprints into the woods, and soon uncover a beast and her cubs...who all just so happen to be hungry. YIKES! Will Finely and Eva be able to help Mr. Clark ward off any other chicken-related mishaps?

Book 2: The Frozen Vegetables: Finley wakes up to find snow outside one sunny, July morning. All the crops in her neighborhood are frozen solid, too. How can this be? She and Eva set out to investigate and soon discover a not-so-abominable yeti whose touch turns everything to ice! Can they think of a way to help Yeti find food, so he doesn't freeze their town each time he's hungry?

Book 3: The Sniffles and the ApplesFinley and Eva find a trail of apple cores leading into the woods. They soon uncover an alicorn with a bad case of the sniffles! ACHOO! Even though Finley's mom has a strict no-pet rule, she and Eva know they must help the alicorn feel better. Hopefully Finely's mom won't find out she has an alicorn spending the night in her room.

Book 4: The Stolen Backpack: Finley and Eva decide to take a swim one afternoon when suddenly a swamp creature, with a love for reading, steals Finley's backpack! What gives?! Will the swamp creature return Finely's backpack? Most importantly, will Finely and Eva help him cure his hunger for reading?

Book 5: The Batty Birds: When Finley and Eva built a birdhouse, and sprinkled the insides with bird seeds, they were certain some happy birds would make it their home. Instead...they find a note stuffed inside the birdhouse demanding better treats! Are the birds in their neighborhood completely batty, or could another creature have left the note?

Book 6: The Shooting StarAs Finley and Eva are counting shooting stars one night, a glowing green object zooms across the sky and crashes into their woods. That was NO shooting star! Finley and Eva head to the woods the next morning to investigate and find a space capsule with two glowing-green girls inside...that look exactly like them! How is this possible?! Can Finley and Eva help their newfound shape-shifting friends make it home?

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